Steps to Better Plan Your Small Wedding
Date Added: March 08, 2011 08:55:02 AM | Author: JY Directory | Category: Society: Weddings
Weddings are magical and a girl's dream. When you have found Mr. Right and are ready to share a lifetime with him, planning your wedding could be an exciting time in your life. Although there is some stress attached to planning a wedding, especially if you are doing it by yourself, there are a few steps that you can take to reduce the stress and enjoy this important aspect of your wedding. By taking it one-step at a time, you will be able to focus in what is meaningful and important, and enjoy the process.

Start simple, choose your wedding date. Depending on the season, you will get ideas for wedding themes, if you need to have a theme. Also, for wedding colors. Once you have the date, think of the time. Of course, all this will depend on availability of the church you want to get married in, so you might have to talk to the pastor for availability of date/time. Thinking of the availability of other guests that you might want to have at the wedding is nice, but a wedding is about you, and your groom, and guests should work things out themselves if they want to attend. So pick a day that you like, and if it is available proceed with your happy planning.

Once you have the date, time and place, start thinking about the type of wedding you want. Is it formal, simple and small, quite different and not traditional? This will give you an idea of how to proceed with many other details, such as colors, dress, reception. Now think of how many people are you going to invite. Of course, you will have the input of both families, but it is up to you to control the numbers for your intimate affair.

This will take you to choosing invitations, announcements, or save the date cards. If you are going to have a very small and simple wedding, you can forgo the announcements and save the date cards, and just send the invitations. At this point, you can decide if you want to order them out or make them yourself. With the many ideas and software available, many couples are saving the money and making their own invitations.

Are you having a wedding party or just a best man and maid of honor? The answer to that will add or subtract details to take care of such as dresses for the bridesmaids, accessories, and colors. If you are going simple, then just discuss the details with your maid of honor and best man. You do not need a flower girl if you are having a very intimate and simple affair. Think of wedding gifts and if you are having a registry or not. Many brides, especially green brides are not using a bridal registry for gifts and are asking guests to donate to a cause or the environment instead.

Start thinking about the reception, where and what you want in it. Think about the music, favors and table decor, seating arrangements, menu and drinks, and of course, the cake. This part is a lot of fun, as you will get to play with colors, taste food, and sample other things. The details will depend on how small or big the wedding will be. Combine this part with the decoration of the church or location where the ceremony will take place, as they have to coincide.

Once that is settled and you are satisfied with your decisions, then think of your dress –- an important, if not the most important detail. You will get to play with styles, and jewelry, and of course shoes, hair, and makeup. The amount of focus here will depend on your personality and taste. This part should be thoroughly enjoyed.

How do you keep track of all these activities and details? Keep a wedding binder. Decorate it yourself, and have fun while doing it. This should be one of the first activities to do after you decide to get married. Here you will keep to do lists, projects, ideas, material samples, contacts, websites, pictures of things you like for your wedding, sitting arrangements, and estimates. A copy of your budget, with detail sections, so you can stay on budget. In fact, keep everything that will help your planning in this binder. By following the project closely and keeping everything together, you will reduce a lot of the stress and will have a good time while planning.