Perfect Ways to Pleasuring Your Partner
Date Added: April 04, 2011 11:47:39 AM | Author: JY Directory | Category: Society: Sexuality
When the time comes around for sex; you should feel this sexual tension that brings both you and your partner together. The only way you can feel anything is by undertaking some foreplay before the sex actually begins. Women love to receive attention and they really do value it. Women are all different and they each prefer something different.

Before you being that special night with her, you should get to know her. Exchanging information about what you guys like and dislike is a very good idea. Many relationships often fail because of the fact that there is no communication. If you know what she likes, you can give it to her. Letting your women know what you like, will give you better pleasure during sex. Being a man, you have to know exactly how to pleasure your lady. Mostly, all women love to be caressed and kissed. We will be looking at some of the places on her body, where she loves this to be done.

You can drive your women crazy just by licking and kissing her. You should first begin at the top of the body and move your way down. Be sure you are not rushing her; the slower the better. Start off by giving her soft kisses on her lips and you can go for some deep French kissing. Try not to focus too much time on her face. Come down a little and go for her neck and lick and suck all you want. Be sure to do it slowly and gently. As an added touch, you can go up to her ears and lick them and softly whisper what you feel about her. The important part about this is to keep your hands roaming. When kissing her, gently move your hands down and up her legs or body. Some men love to caress their women’s breasts; you can do so if she prefers it. Next, you come down to her breasts. Begin with the breasts and end at her nipples. You can kiss, lick and suck all you want. Soft touches and licks seem to work well with many women. The female body has nerves ending in the nipple, so it sends instant messages throughout the body. Some women don’t like it when the man is rough on her nipples, so you should ask her first.

Next we move down the belly and to her thighs. On your way down, you can give her light kisses, it adds a nice touch. Her thighs are very sensitive, so work it slow. Kiss and gently suck on them, it will run her wild. You can switch between both thighs and alternate back to the top of her body. You can flow down her legs and caress them with your hands. Turn her over and start kissing and sucking down her spine and end at her butt. Women love when men take honor of their butt. Caress her butt and let her know how much you appreciate it.